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Originals By Pierce & Co.
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Belt buckle (SKU: A/B-09)Belt buckle (SKU: A/B-09)Wear your hand carved eagle with pride.
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bracelets (SKU: BR-128)bracelets (SKU: BR-128)Add a special touch with this bone bracelet, scrimshaw.
Scrimshaw Shaving Accessories

Scrimshaw shaving accessories make a great gift. These are hand-crafted from shed antler and scrimshawed with your choice of design.

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Antler point razor (SKU: J/B-22A)Antler point razor (SKU: J/B-22A)Great gift for yourself or someone you know, 5" Antler Tip with Mach 3 Razor.
Shaving brush (SKU: J/B-28BP)Shaving brush (SKU: J/B-28BP)Genuine Antler handle Italian boar bristle brush wood -capped end.
Shaving Brush (SKU: J/B-28B)Shaving Brush (SKU: J/B-28B)Genuine Antler Handle Italian boar bristle brush scrimshaw.
Shaving Mug (SKU: J/B-28M)Shaving Mug (SKU: J/B-28M)Shaving mug with dish and soap
Shaving razor (SKU: J/B-23)Shaving razor (SKU: J/B-23)Gillette sensor razor with antler crown handle scrimshaw.