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Scrimshaw key chains

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Necklace (SKU: N/B-05)Necklace (SKU: N/B-05)This necklace makes a beautiful gift for someone or for yourself. 18x13mm bone or fossil ivory scrimshaw, choice of necklace gold/silver.
scrimshaw key chains

For the one that loves key chains, grab one of these. Scrimshawed with your choice of design.

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Key Chain (SKU: K/I-13)Key Chain (SKU: K/I-13)Brass key chain with piano key Ivory scrimshaw.
Key Chain (SKU: K/B-7)Key Chain (SKU: K/B-7)Real shed antler tip scrimshaw key chain, a great gift for any wildlife lover.
Key Chain (SKU: K/I-10)Key Chain (SKU: K/I-10)Stylish and classy comes to mind with this scrimshaw key chain.
Key Chain (SKU: K/I-16)Key Chain (SKU: K/I-16)Inlayed scrimshaw bone on this silver key chain adds a nice touch.
Key Chain (SKU: K/I-12)Key Chain (SKU: K/I-12)For the avid golfer here is the key chain for you. Scrimshaw piano key ivory on this divot key chain.
Key Chain (SKU: K/I-15)Key Chain (SKU: K/I-15)Scrimshaw piano key ivory on this silver key chain.
Key Chain (SKU: K/B-3)Key Chain (SKU: K/B-3)Scrimshaw bone with key ring.
Key Chain (SKU: K/B-56)Key Chain (SKU: K/B-56)Small antler crown scrimshaw key chain.
Key Chain (SKU: K/B-9)Key Chain (SKU: K/B-9)This key chain is really cool, scrimshaw bone arrowhead leaves your friends wanting one.
Key Chain (SKU: K/B-2)Key Chain (SKU: K/B-2)Scrimshaw key chain, oval 30x22 bone adds a nice look to your keys.
Key Chain (SKU: K/B-57)Key Chain (SKU: K/B-57)Med shed antler crown scrimshaw key chain brings the hunter out in you.
Key Chain (SKU: K/B-6P)Key Chain (SKU: K/B-6P)Plain antler cross cut, from shed antler.
Key chain flask W/ Scrim (SKU: Flask-3)Key chain flask W/ Scrim (SKU: Flask-3)Smaller then the big Flask, add this unique little accessory to your key chain. Scrimshaw Bone placed in center.
leather keychain (SKU: K/B-8)leather keychain (SKU: K/B-8)Scrimshaw bone on this leather fob key chain.

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