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Scrimshanders Scrimshaw on Fossil Ivory Whale Antler

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Donna Wilcox-DW

Donna has always been interested in art since her school days and she got her first easel in 3rd grade. Originally from Plymouth, Mass., she started doing scrimshaw in 1976 for her first scrimshaw company. Since then Donna has retailed and wholesaled her scrimshaw to many people, stores and museums around the country from her native New England to Alaska. Now living in Maine she still enjoys her Love of Art.

Robert Monfils-RM

Robert originally comes from New Bedford, Mass. where American scrimshaw was born. His grandfather was a well known local marine artist and introduced him to the art form known as scrimshaw. Upon graduating from the Massachusetts College of Art, he first taught high school art classes. Then he ventured to the Nothwest of the United States in 1976 to begin his current scrimshaw career and was inspired to do the beautiful wildlife and nautical scenes you see. In his 30+ years scrimshaw career his beautiful engravings have been placed in numerous collections, both private and public.

Claire Olden Petrillo-CP

Claire grew up in the greater Boston area and recently moved to Maine. She was introduced to the art of scrimshaw in 1980. Since then her work has been sold from Hawaii to Bar Harbor and includes floral, nautical and wildlife design.

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