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2 & 3 Blade knives (SKU: kn-79)2 & 3 Blade knives (SKU: kn-79)Rough Rider 3 blade 2" scrimshaw knife
2 blade (SKU: Kn-66)2 blade (SKU: Kn-66)3 1/2" bone scrimshaw knife with solid silver bolster handles, 2 stainless blades, imported by Frost or Rough Rider Cutlery. This medium size trapper style knife fits in the pocket for all around use.
2 blade folding knife (SKU: Kn-114E)2 blade folding knife (SKU: Kn-114E)Looking for a knife that fits great in your hand, Scrimshaw Elephant toe 2 blade knife.
2 Blade Medium Folding Knife (SKU: Kn-160)2 Blade Medium Folding Knife (SKU: Kn-160)3 5/8" hand scrimshaw 2 blade knife, bone handle with solid silver bolsters. This canoe style pocket knife is a good size for all around use and still fits in the pocket. Made by Rough Rider cutlery. Blades are polished stainless steel.
2 Blade medium Folding Knife (SKU: Kn-17)2 Blade medium Folding Knife (SKU: Kn-17)This trapper style knife has a scrimshaw bone handle with solid silver bolsters. The blades are stainless steel. Made by Frost Cutlery.
2 Blade Small Folding Knife (SKU: Kn-090)2 Blade Small Folding Knife (SKU: Kn-090)Scrimshaw 2 blade knife, 2 3/4" Bone front and wood back handle, stainless blades and bolsters. Smaller 2 blade knife, keep the smaller blade sharp for possible surgery.
2 Blades Small Folding Knife (SKU: Kn-46)2 Blades Small Folding Knife (SKU: Kn-46)Scrimshaw knife, Bone 2 3/4" handle, silver bolsters, 440 stainless blade, by Rough Rider. Razor sharp clip point and spear point blades, smaller pocket size.
3 Blade Medium Folding Knife (SKU: Kn-29)3 Blade Medium Folding Knife (SKU: Kn-29)3 7/8" scrimshaw knife bone handle with solid silver bolsters. The Whittler design has 3 styles of stainless blades imported by Rough Rider.
Antler bottle opener (SKU: C/B-09)Antler bottle opener (SKU: C/B-09)What a great bottle or can opener. Antler tip scrimshaw
Antler corkscrew Single hand (SKU: C/B-01)Antler corkscrew Single hand (SKU: C/B-01)This Antler Cork-screw is great for any rustic kitchen decor! Uncork your bottles of wine with this beautiful naturally shed antler handle cork-screw! You'll add the perfect rustic touch to your kitchen and wine. Scrimshaw or Plain.
Antler corkscrew small (SKU: C/B-02)Antler corkscrew small (SKU: C/B-02)Authentic, naturally shed antler. A little smaller then the C/B-5 but with the same great rustic look, hand scrimshaw, great gift for anyone.
Antler fixed blade (SKU: Kn-337)Antler fixed blade (SKU: Kn-337)This hunting and skinner knife is 9" overall length with a 4 1/2" 420 c stainless steel blade and hand engraved genuine antler handle. The cross guard and butt cap with 5 point star are made of solid brass. This fixed blade knife comes with scrimshaw or without.
Antler fixed blade knife (SKU: Kn-203)Antler fixed blade knife (SKU: Kn-203)This skinner knife with 420 c stainless steel 4" blade with guthook has a solid brass cross guard and genuine deer antler crown handle approximately 5" long. Scrimshaw or Plain.
Antler point razor (SKU: J/B-22A)Antler point razor (SKU: J/B-22A)Great gift for yourself or someone you know, 5" Antler Tip with Mach 3 Razor.
antler table clock (SKU: W/B-5)antler table clock (SKU: W/B-5)Give this gift to any outdoor lover, Genuine shed antler scrimshaw or plain with clock.
Belt Buckle (SKU: A/F-04)Belt Buckle (SKU: A/F-04)
belt buckle (SKU: A/B-59)belt buckle (SKU: A/B-59)Scrimshaw antler crown from shed antler, scrimshaw belt buckle.
Belt Buckle (SKU: A/B-60)Belt Buckle (SKU: A/B-60)Scrimshaw antler crown from shed antler, scrimshaw belt buckle.
Belt buckle (SKU: A/B-62)Belt buckle (SKU: A/B-62)Scrimshaw antler crown from shed antler scrimshaw belt buckle.
Belt buckle (SKU: A/B-58)Belt buckle (SKU: A/B-58)Scrimshaw antler crown from shed antler scrimshaw belt buckle.
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