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Womans Bracelets - Scrimshaw

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Womans Bracelets - Scrimshaw
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bracelets (SKU: brac12)bracelets (SKU: brac12)Carved out of bone, light weight bone bracelet.
bracelets (SKU: brac8)bracelets (SKU: brac8)
bracelets (SKU: BR-8)bracelets (SKU: BR-8)Bone bracelet flex, scrimshaw every other one.
bracelets (SKU: BR-429)bracelets (SKU: BR-429)Scrimshaw flowers on this beautiful bone bracelet adds a nice touch to the wrist.
bracelets (SKU: brac6)bracelets (SKU: brac6)Perfect for any size wrist, scrimshaw bone flex bracelet.
bracelets (SKU: brac3)bracelets (SKU: brac3)Wood with bone inlaid scrimshaw with flowers.
bracelets (SKU: brac14)bracelets (SKU: brac14)Feel lucky with this bracelet, deck of cards engraved.
bracelets (SKU: brac13)bracelets (SKU: brac13)This bone bracelet has the deck of cards engraved in color. Wear it for good luck at the casino.
bracelets (SKU: brc7)bracelets (SKU: brc7)Bone bracelet, Scrimshaw every other bone.
bracelets (SKU: BR-128)bracelets (SKU: BR-128)Add a special touch with this bone bracelet, scrimshaw.

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