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Scrimshaw Knives Multi Function Knife Scrimshaw Handle

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Antler corkscrew Single hand (SKU: C/B-01)Antler corkscrew Single hand (SKU: C/B-01)This Antler Cork-screw is great for any rustic kitchen decor! Uncork your bottles of wine with this beautiful naturally shed antler handle cork-screw! You'll add the perfect rustic touch to your kitchen and wine. Scrimshaw or Plain.
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Bracelet (SKU: BR/B1)Bracelet (SKU: BR/B1)This bracelet has a whaling story on it, with 6 scrimshaw bone showing the whaling story, from leaving port to returning to port.
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Cigarette case (SKU: DI-15)Cigarette case (SKU: DI-15)Silver cigarette case with engraved scroll and scrimshaw bone, fossil ivory or mammoth ivory
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Stamp Holder (SKU: J/B-5)Stamp Holder (SKU: J/B-5)Never lose your stamps again, with this stamp holder you will always know were there at. Scrimshaw or plain
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Salt and Pepper shakers (SKU: J/B-6)Salt and Pepper shakers (SKU: J/B-6)Spruce up the table with these salt & pepper shakers. Shed antler American walnut capped ends, Scrimshaw
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Cigar cutter (SKU: P-11)Cigar cutter (SKU: P-11)Cut the tip of your cigar with style, scrimshaw cigar cutter. Bone, fossil ivory or Mammoth ivory.
Scrimshaw Multi Function Knives
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Small Multi tool (SKU: Kn-140)Small Multi tool (SKU: Kn-140)This is a small Swiss Army knife made by Victorinox in Switzerland. The 2 1/4" scrimshaw bone handle holds 5 tools. This little gem is big on quality and uses. Jeff Pierce's knife of choice.
Small Multi tool (SKU: Kn-154)Small Multi tool (SKU: Kn-154)Scrimshaw Bone handle 2 1/2", pen blade, spring load scissors, file blade stainless, convenient size, multi-functions, modest price by Frost Cutlery.
Pick/Knife (SKU: Kn-23)Pick/Knife (SKU: Kn-23)5" scrimshaw knife bone handle with solid silver bolsters. The sheeps foot blade and locking marlin spike are stainless steel. made by Rough Rider, imported blade marked tested 440c stainless. This Marlin spike knife you can be proud of.
Wine Knife (SKU: Kn-62)Wine Knife (SKU: Kn-62)3 1/2" all stainless steel wine knife with bone hand engraved scrimshaw. Features corkscrew and foil cutting blade. Convenient folder design and very functional. Knife imported, handles made in the USA.
Pen Knife (SKU: Kn-99)Pen Knife (SKU: Kn-99)Twist top pen with concealed 2 5/8" stainless blade with bone scrimshaw top. This real sharp pen knife will keep your pants pocket clear.
Multi Function Knife (SKU: Kn-22)Multi Function Knife (SKU: Kn-22)This is the original large VictorInox Swiss Army knife. The 3 1/2" scrimshaw bone handle holds 9 tools plus tweezer or toothpick in the back handle. This pocket tool box is very handy on the go.
Blade sharpener (SKU: Sharpblock)Blade sharpener (SKU: Sharpblock)Great for keeping your blades sharp.
Scrimshaw knives Multi Fuction Knife scrimshaw handle (SKU: kn-67)Scrimshaw knives Multi Fuction Knife scrimshaw handle (SKU: kn-67)3 1/2" 4 blade Rough Rider knife, With scrimshaw handle. Great gift idea fits nicely in your pocket.
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