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Men's Jewelry - Scrimshaw

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Serving Utensils (SKU: C/B-6)Serving Utensils (SKU: C/B-6)Handcrafted shed antler, 2 piece serving set is a nice gift for any occasion. Scrimshaw or Plain.
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Business card holder (SKU: DI-13L)Business card holder (SKU: DI-13L)Have something classy to keep your business cards in. Scrimshaw
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bracelets (SKU: brac6)bracelets (SKU: brac6)Perfect for any size wrist, scrimshaw bone flex bracelet.
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Money Clip (SKU: M/I-6)Money Clip (SKU: M/I-6)For the person that loves scrimshaw, this is it, piano key ivory covering the silver plated scrimshaw money clip to really bring out the scrimshaw.
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Wine Knife (SKU: Kn-175)Wine Knife (SKU: Kn-175)The Lajole style knife has a 4 3/4" wood handle inlaid with scrimshaw bone and stainless steel bolsters with file worked steel liners. The stainless steel blade also has file work done on the back edge of the blade and fold out corkscrew. Cut the cheese and open the wine with one knife. Made by Master Cutlery with beautiful workman ship and detail.
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Toothpick holder (SKU: C/B-18)Toothpick holder (SKU: C/B-18)Keep all your toothpicks in one place. All antler, Scrimshaw or Plain.
Men's Jewelry - Scrimshaw

All of our men's jewelry is hand-crafted with either bone or fossil ivory scrimshawed.

             Cuff Links

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Cuff Links (SKU: U-4)Cuff Links (SKU: U-4)Our silver tone scrimshaw cuff links are inlaid with a hand-engraved and inked medallion of naturally shed deer antler, which is cruelty-free, or fossil ivory
cuff links (SKU: U/B-11)cuff links (SKU: U/B-11)Add a little class to your outfit with scrimshaw cuff links.
Cuff Links (SKU: U-5)Cuff Links (SKU: U-5)Style is everything, say it with this pair of cuff links, scrimshaw on bone or fossil ivory
Cuff Links (SKU: U-9)Cuff Links (SKU: U-9)Charming elegance. This item exudes an element of glamor and style, making it the perfect accessory for any occasion. Bone or fossil ivory scrimshaw set in this perfect set of cuff links.

            Tie Clips

Tie clips are essential for keeping your tie in place and adding a special bit of style. They are great for someone on the move, so if you’re getting out of your seat at the office, presenting at conferences, or meeting with clients, you’ll always look neat and put-together.
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Tie Clip (SKU: I-3)Tie Clip (SKU: I-3)Adding plenty of fashion to the functionality of a classic tie clip, this smooth style, scrimshaw 14x10 bone or fossil ivory makes a great choice for the office.
Tie Clips (SKU: I-04)Tie Clips (SKU: I-04)Classic style with inlayed scrimshaw bone or fossil ivory, placed in a beautiful silver plated setting.
Tie Clips (SKU: I-05)Tie Clips (SKU: I-05)For that want to be in style look, scrimshaw bone or fossil ivory 18x13
Tie Clips (SKU: I-09)Tie Clips (SKU: I-09)Make a statement with this tie clip, bone or fossil ivory bar scrimshaw set on a silver plated tie clip.
Tie Clips (SKU: I-09r)Tie Clips (SKU: I-09r)Make a statement with this tie clip, bone or fossil ivory bar scrimshaw set on a silver plated tie clip.


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Carved tie tack (SKU: T/B-10)Carved tie tack (SKU: T/B-10)Here is one for your tie, carved bone sea shell.
Scrimshaw Tie Tack (SKU: T/B-8)Scrimshaw Tie Tack (SKU: T/B-8)Great looking and just the right size. 18 x 13 mm scrimshaw bone tie tack W/Trim
Tacks (SKU: T/B-3)Tacks (SKU: T/B-3)Dress to impress with this 14x10 scrimshaw bone or fossil ivory tie tack.
Tacks (SKU: T/B-5)Tacks (SKU: T/B-5)This tie tack can be worn for any event. 18x13 Scrimshaw Bone or Fossil Ivory, Tie Tack
Tacks (SKU: T/B-2)Tacks (SKU: T/B-2)Scrimshaw bone or fossil ivory set on this silver plated setting adds a nice look to any tie. 8x10w/trim
Tacks (SKU: T-2W)Tacks (SKU: T-2W)Being at the helm is every captains dream, with this stylish ships wheel, ads a touch to any tie. Scrimshaw bone or fossil ivory.
Tacks (SKU: T/B-4)Tacks (SKU: T/B-4)Add a great look to any tie with this scrimshaw bone or fossil ivory tie tack.
Tie Tack (SKU: T/B-12)Tie Tack (SKU: T/B-12)Here is a great tie tack, carved bone whale.

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