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Scrimshaw Desk Accessories

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Handmade Parrot (SKU: Parrot)Handmade Parrot (SKU: Parrot)One of a kind.....Handmade out of Antique Elephant ivory.
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Scrimshaw small pocket knife (SKU: Kn-167)Scrimshaw small pocket knife (SKU: Kn-167)Scrimshaw knife, 2 3/4" stainless steel body and blade with thumb release or "power" assist automatic blade opening system liner lock. Made by Kershaw, USA. The hand scrimshaw handle is made of Antler bone. The back handle has a clip for the pocket or money clip.
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bracelets (SKU: Br-842)bracelets (SKU: Br-842)Add a little class to your wrist, with this scrimshaw bangle bracelet.
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Stamp Holder (SKU: J/B-5)Stamp Holder (SKU: J/B-5)Never lose your stamps again, with this stamp holder you will always know were there at. Scrimshaw or plain
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Serving utensils (SKU: C/B-4)Serving utensils (SKU: C/B-4)Looking for a great house warming gift? This is it. 4 PC steak knife set, hand-crafted out of shed antler. Scrimshaw or Plain
Scrimshaw Desk Accessories

Our hand-crafted desk accessories make a great gift for someone or for yourself.

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3" Magnifying glass with Antler handle (SKU: J/B-1)3" Magnifying glass with Antler handle (SKU: J/B-1)Add this to your desk, silver capped antler handle with 3" magnifying glass.
Antler pocket watch stand. (SKU: W/B-2S)Antler pocket watch stand. (SKU: W/B-2S)Great look for the office, scrimshaw antler pocket watch stand. Pocket watch included,
antler table clock (SKU: W/B-5)antler table clock (SKU: W/B-5)Give this gift to any outdoor lover, Genuine shed antler scrimshaw or plain with clock.
Bone scissors (SKU: Bc-008)Bone scissors (SKU: Bc-008)Need scissors for your desk? Scrimshaw bone.
Book Mark (SKU: Q-1)Book Mark (SKU: Q-1)Never forget your page with this small scrimshaw piano key ivory bookmark.
Book marker (SKU: Q-2)Book marker (SKU: Q-2)For the bigger books this is it , Piano key ivory scrimshaw large bookmark.
Business card holder (SKU: DI-13L)Business card holder (SKU: DI-13L)Have something classy to keep your business cards in. Scrimshaw
Business card holder (SKU: DI-12)Business card holder (SKU: DI-12)Keep your business cards dry with this silver business card holder, scrimshaw bone, fossil ivory or mammoth ivory.
Business Gift Set (SKU: GS-6)Business Gift Set (SKU: GS-6)Great for the desk at home or in the office. Handmade American Walnut post -note holder with Piano key Ivory scrimshaw, Antler crown business card holder scrimshaw, Antler tip pen.
Carved antler pen (SKU: D/B-30)Carved antler pen (SKU: D/B-30)Add a nice touch to any desk. Hand carved antler pen. Hand carved by Donna Wilcox.
Carved antler pen (SKU: D/B-31)Carved antler pen (SKU: D/B-31)Beautiful hand carved antler pen, carved by Donna Wilcox
Carved pen (SKU: D/B-32)Carved pen (SKU: D/B-32)Hand carved by Donna Wilcox, carved out of antler, carved pen
Crown antler business card holder (SKU: J/B-07)Crown antler business card holder (SKU: J/B-07)This handcrafted business card holder is made with a crown from shed antler, and placed on a handcrafted stand. Scrimshaw or plain this is a beautiful accessory for the desk.
Desk accessories (SKU: J/B-1l)Desk accessories (SKU: J/B-1l)Great for puzzles or reading small letters. This 2 1/2" magnifying glass, made with real shed antler handle and American walnut capped end scrimshaw or plain makes a great gift.
Desk accessories (SKU: J/b-18)Desk accessories (SKU: J/b-18)When you need a little help seeing small things grab this 2 " magnifying class handmade from shed antler with American walnut capped end. Scrimshaw or Plain.
Desk Accessories (SKU: J/B-722)Desk Accessories (SKU: J/B-722)Every desk needs one of theses, crown business card holder W/pen
Domino Set (SKU: Domino Set)Domino Set (SKU: Domino Set)Play a game of domino's, mini domino's with a scrimshaw case.
Letter Opener (SKU: L/B-1)Letter Opener (SKU: L/B-1)Every desk needs one of these, antler letter opener with metal capped end, scrimshaw or plain.
Letter Opener (SKU: L/B-5)Letter Opener (SKU: L/B-5)Great gift for someone or for yourself, Small antler with American walnut capped end, scrimshaw or plain.
Letter Opener (SKU: L/I-11)Letter Opener (SKU: L/I-11)Sharp and classy looking this letter opener has scrimshaw bone, fossil ivory or Mammoth ivory.
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