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2 & 3 Blade knives2 & 3 Blade knivesRough Rider 3 blade 2" scrimshaw knife
2 blade2 blade3 1/2" bone scrimshaw knife with solid silver bolster handles, 2 stainless blades, imported by Frost or Rough Rider Cutlery. This medium size trapper style knife fits in the pocket for all around use.
2 Blade folding knife2 Blade folding knifeBeautiful large scrimshaw on this 2 blade sunfish knife.
2 blade folding knife2 blade folding knifeLooking for a knife that fits great in your hand, Scrimshaw Elephant toe 2 blade knife.
2 Blade medium Folding Knife2 Blade medium Folding KnifeThis trapper style knife has a scrimshaw bone handle with solid silver bolsters. The blades are stainless steel. Made by Frost Cutlery.
2 Blade Medium Folding Knife2 Blade Medium Folding Knife3 5/8" hand scrimshaw 2 blade knife, bone handle with solid silver bolsters. This canoe style pocket knife is a good size for all around use and still fits in the pocket. Made by Rough Rider cutlery. Blades are polished stainless steel.
2 Blade Small Folding Knife2 Blade Small Folding Knife2 3/4" stainless steel body and locking blade made by Buck, USA. The handle is Antler bone, scrimshaw 2 blade knife, Buck quality, very sharp.
2 Blade Small Folding Knife2 Blade Small Folding KnifeScrimshaw 2 blade knife, 2 3/4" Bone front and wood back handle, stainless blades and bolsters. Smaller 2 blade knife, keep the smaller blade sharp for possible surgery.
2 blade Small Folding Knife2 blade Small Folding KnifeSmall thin scrimshaw 2 blade knife, 2 1/2" bone handle, stainless pen blade and file by Richartz. Made in Solingen Germany. Easily held yet small and thin for the pocket.
2 blade Small Folding Knife2 blade Small Folding KnifeSmaller scrimshaw 2 blade knife, thin 2 1/2" Fossil Ivory handle, stainless pen blade and file by Richartz. Made in Solingen Germany. Easily held yet small and thin for the pocket.
2 Blades Small Folding Knife2 Blades Small Folding KnifeScrimshaw knife, Bone 2 3/4" handle, silver bolsters, 440 stainless blade, by Rough Rider. Razor sharp clip point and spear point blades, smaller pocket size.
3 Blade Medium Folding Knife3 Blade Medium Folding Knife3 7/8" scrimshaw knife bone handle with solid silver bolsters. The Whittler design has 3 styles of stainless blades imported by Rough Rider.
3" Magnifying glass with Antler handle3" Magnifying glass with Antler handleAdd this to your desk, silver capped antler handle with 3" magnifying glass.
Antler bottle openerAntler bottle openerWhat a great bottle or can opener. Antler tip scrimshaw
Antler corkscrew LargeAntler corkscrew LargeThe right bottle of wine surely makes a meal. So why not open that bottle with just the right corkscrew? Made with real shed antlers, each handle is individually hand scrimshaw making each one an individual work of art.
Antler corkscrew Single handAntler corkscrew Single handThis Antler Cork-screw is great for any rustic kitchen decor! Uncork your bottles of wine with this beautiful naturally shed antler handle cork-screw! You'll add the perfect rustic touch to your kitchen and wine. Scrimshaw or Plain.
Antler corkscrew smallAntler corkscrew smallAuthentic, naturally shed antler. A little smaller then the C/B-5 but with the same great rustic look, hand scrimshaw, great gift for anyone.
Antler Corkscrew Wine kitAntler Corkscrew Wine kitFor Wine lovers this is it. Antler handles on this two hand corkscrew scrimshaw with American walnut wood capped ends, American walnut wood with scrimshaw bone on top of bottle cork.
Antler fixed bladeAntler fixed bladeThis hunting and skinner knife is 9" overall length with a 4 1/2" 420 c stainless steel blade and hand engraved genuine antler handle. The cross guard and butt cap with 5 point star are made of solid brass. This fixed blade knife comes with scrimshaw or without.
Antler fixed blade knifeAntler fixed blade knifeThis skinner knife with 420 c stainless steel 4" blade with guthook has a solid brass cross guard and genuine deer antler crown handle approximately 5" long. Scrimshaw or Plain.
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