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Scrimshaw Fixed blade knives

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Antler fixed bladeAntler fixed bladeThis hunting and skinner knife is 9" overall length with a 4 1/2" 420 c stainless steel blade and hand engraved genuine antler handle. The cross guard and butt cap with 5 point star are made of solid brass. This fixed blade knife comes with scrimshaw or without.
Antler fixed blade knifeAntler fixed blade knifeThis skinner knife with 420 c stainless steel 4" blade with guthook has a solid brass cross guard and genuine deer antler crown handle approximately 5" long. Scrimshaw or Plain.
Fixed blade knifeFixed blade knifeScrimshaw knife, 5.75", Skinning knife with finger hole
Fixed blade knifeFixed blade knifeOur best selling fixed blade. Scrimshaw fixed blade knife.
Fixed blade knifeFixed blade knifeTwo fixed blade knives both 6" with scrimshaw handles and shelth.
Fixed blade knifeFixed blade knifeEvery hunter needs one of these 10" antler crown , bolster W/ sheath. Scrimshaw fixed blade knife
Fixed blade knifeFixed blade knifeThe Alaskan ULU (OO-loo) is an extremely versatile cutting tool crafted by the Native Alaskan people over five thousand years ago. The knife was primarily used by Eskimo women for skinning and cleaning fish and has played an important role in the survival of the Arctic people. Blades were originally made of polished slate and given a bone, ivory or wood handle. The handles were often inscribed with distinctive designs or markings exclusive to the maker of the knife. Scrimshaw ULU knife.
Fixed blade knifeFixed blade knifeCarved Eagle or Bear out of shed Antler 10 1/2"
Fixed blade knifeFixed blade knifeClassic Bowie 10 3/4" blade. Scrimshaw fixed blade knife
Fixed blade knifeFixed blade knife7.1", Antler handle, brass bolsters and cross guard clip point blade. Scrimshaw fixed blade knife.
Scrimshaw Fixed Blade KnifeScrimshaw Fixed Blade KnifeGreat for Hunting, 7 1/4" Green Valley Skinner Blade 3 1/2" Fixed Blade.
Scrimshaw Fixed blade knifeScrimshaw Fixed blade knifeScrimshaw knife, approx. 12", Fillet knife available with serrated or plain edge blade

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