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Scrimshaw Belt Buckle

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2 Blade folding knife (SKU: Kn-114)2 Blade folding knife (SKU: Kn-114)Beautiful large scrimshaw on this 2 blade sunfish knife.
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Bracelet (SKU: Br-B6)Bracelet (SKU: Br-B6)Cute and stylish that's what comes to mind with this scrimshaw bracelet.
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Antler corkscrew Single hand (SKU: C/B-01)Antler corkscrew Single hand (SKU: C/B-01)This Antler Cork-screw is great for any rustic kitchen decor! Uncork your bottles of wine with this beautiful naturally shed antler handle cork-screw! You'll add the perfect rustic touch to your kitchen and wine. Scrimshaw or Plain.
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Antler table clock (SKU: W/B-05)Antler table clock (SKU: W/B-05)Antler Clock with Scrimshaw
Scrimshaw Belt buckle
We have a large variety of scrimshaw belt buckles, from scrimshaw buckles made from shed antler or fossil ivory, Mammoth ivory. All of our buckles you can upload a design or pick one of ours to have that special scrimshaw buckle one of a kind.
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Belt Buckle (SKU: A/B-60)Belt Buckle (SKU: A/B-60)Scrimshaw antler crown from shed antler, scrimshaw belt buckle.
Belt Buckle (SKU: A/B-02)Belt Buckle (SKU: A/B-02)Add a little style to your outfit. Scrimshaw belt buckle.
Belt Buckle (SKU: A/B-01)Belt Buckle (SKU: A/B-01)Hold your pants up with this stylish scrimshaw belt buckle.
Belt buckle (SKU: A/B-09)Belt buckle (SKU: A/B-09)Wear your hand carved eagle with pride.
Belt buckle (SKU: A/B-62)Belt buckle (SKU: A/B-62)Scrimshaw antler crown from shed antler scrimshaw belt buckle.
Belt Buckle (SKU: A/F-4)Belt Buckle (SKU: A/F-4)Add a great look to any outfit, with this scrimshaw belt buckle made from brass with bone, fossil ivory or mammoth ivory, scrimshaw with your choice of designs or upload your own.
Belt buckle (SKU: A/B-58)Belt buckle (SKU: A/B-58)Scrimshaw antler crown from shed antler scrimshaw belt buckle.
belt buckle (SKU: A/B-59)belt buckle (SKU: A/B-59)Scrimshaw antler crown from shed antler, scrimshaw belt buckle.
Belt Buckle (SKU: A/B-07C)Belt Buckle (SKU: A/B-07C)Hand carved in shed antler, bring the outdoors wherever you go.
Buckle (SKU: A/B-6)Buckle (SKU: A/B-6)This is a great gift for someone or for yourself. Scrimshaw bone on this brass buckle makes a great gift.
Buckle (SKU: A/B-3)Buckle (SKU: A/B-3)Here is the classy buckle to wear with any suit, polished brass with your choice of bone, Fossil ivory or mammoth ivory. Scrimshaw belt buckle.
Buckle (SKU: A/B-7)Buckle (SKU: A/B-7)This buckle is made from shed antler and scrimshaw with your choice of designs. Scrimshaw belt buckle.
Buckle (SKU: A/B-4)Buckle (SKU: A/B-4)Really show of the scrimshaw with this belt buckle 1 1/2 x 2" bone, fossil ivory or mammoth ivory. Scrimshaw belt buckle.
Buckle (SKU: A/B-8)Buckle (SKU: A/B-8)This shed antler buckle scrimshaw, adds that cowboy touch to any outfit
Buckle (SKU: A/B-5)Buckle (SKU: A/B-5)Like brass and antler ? This buckle has it, brass buckle with antler slab scrimshaw belt buckle.
Buckle Gift Set (SKU: GS-9)Buckle Gift Set (SKU: GS-9)For the outdoor man. Antler Crown Bola scrimshaw, Money clip Leather with Piano key Ivory scrimshaw, Antler Crown belt buckle scrimshaw.
Muliti function knife (SKU: Kn-Buckle)Muliti function knife (SKU: Kn-Buckle)This cast stainless steel buckle with 1 3/8" belt ring has a slide out knife with scrimshaw handle and locking stainless steel blade. This is a stylish buckle with convenient knife that is very accessible.

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