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Scrimshaw Bar Tools Scrimshaw Antler

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Scrimshaw Large Folding Knife (SKU: Kn-134I)Scrimshaw Large Folding Knife (SKU: Kn-134I)Scrimshaw knife, 4" All stainless steel body and drop point blade with thumb release or "power assist" automatic blade opening system with liner blade lock. Made by Kershaw, blade marked USA. The hand scrimshaw handle is made of Mammoth Ivory. The back handle has a handy clip for the pocket or boot.
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Antler fixed blade knife (SKU: Kn-203)Antler fixed blade knife (SKU: Kn-203)This skinner knife with 420 c stainless steel 4" blade with guthook has a solid brass cross guard and genuine deer antler crown handle approximately 5" long. Scrimshaw or Plain.
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Bone pin/pendant (SKU: X-Mas48)Bone pin/pendant (SKU: X-Mas48)Here is a great gift, scrimshaw bone, can be worn as a pendant with a necklace or as a brooch/pin
Scrimshaw Bar Tools

Check out these handmade Bar Tools, all Antler products are made from shed Antler, hand scrimshawed, hand-crafted.

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Antler bottle opener (SKU: C/B-09)Antler bottle opener (SKU: C/B-09)What a great bottle or can opener. Antler tip scrimshaw
Antler corkscrew Single hand (SKU: C/B-01)Antler corkscrew Single hand (SKU: C/B-01)This Antler Cork-screw is great for any rustic kitchen decor! Uncork your bottles of wine with this beautiful naturally shed antler handle cork-screw! You'll add the perfect rustic touch to your kitchen and wine. Scrimshaw or Plain.
Antler corkscrew small (SKU: C/B-02)Antler corkscrew small (SKU: C/B-02)Authentic, naturally shed antler. A little smaller then the C/B-5 but with the same great rustic look, hand scrimshaw, great gift for anyone.
Cigar cutter (SKU: P-11)Cigar cutter (SKU: P-11)Cut the tip of your cigar with style, scrimshaw cigar cutter. Bone, fossil ivory or Mammoth ivory.
Cigarette case (SKU: DI-15)Cigarette case (SKU: DI-15)Silver cigarette case with engraved scroll and scrimshaw bone, fossil ivory or mammoth ivory
Cigarette Case (SKU: DI-14)Cigarette Case (SKU: DI-14)Keep your cigarettes dry with this silver case, scroll engraved, scrimshaw bone, fossil ivory or mammoth ivory
Flask (SKU: Flask-1)Flask (SKU: Flask-1)Great for on the go. This Stainless Steel Flask with Piano key Ivory scrimshaw is a great gift for someone special or yourself.
Key chain flask W/ Scrim (SKU: Flask-3)Key chain flask W/ Scrim (SKU: Flask-3)Smaller then the big Flask, add this unique little accessory to your key chain. Scrimshaw Bone placed in center.
Wine cork (SKU: C/B-19L)Wine cork (SKU: C/B-19L)Scrimshaw bone on a hand made black walnut wine cork.
Wine Cork (SKU: C/B-14P)Wine Cork (SKU: C/B-14P)Shed antler crown wine cork great for any bar. Plain or Scrimshaw.
Wine Cork (SKU: C/B-19s)Wine Cork (SKU: C/B-19s)No more wasting wine with this stylish wine cork, scrimshaw bone on this hand made black walnut wine cork.
Wine Knife (SKU: Kn-62)Wine Knife (SKU: Kn-62)3 1/2" all stainless steel wine knife with bone hand engraved scrimshaw. Features corkscrew and foil cutting blade. Convenient folder design and very functional. Knife imported, handles made in the USA.

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